4 Simple Innovations to Support Your Independence at Home

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4 Simple Innovations to Support Your Independence at Home

For those with impaired mobility, adaptations in everyday life are important to enable independent living. Wheelchair users require smooth surfaces and ramps and the vision impaired utilise tactile and audio reference to guide them, both which facilitate an individual’s participation in day to day life.

There are many products available that support independent living, such as personal care products with ergonomic grips which allow an individual to take care of their own grooming with ease. The range from Etac Beauty is perfect for those with impaired motor skills, as the large handles and ergonomic shapes are designed with our natural movement patterns in mind.

Similarly, something as simple as buttoning a shirt can be a challenge for those with limited dexterity. A small but useful tool such as the Etac Butler Buttoner enables the user to close zips and buttons, reducing the need for assistance when dressing.

Car travel is a part of daily life for many, but when vehicle access becomes inhibited it limits our freedom and ability to experience the wider world. Clever devices like the Handybar lock into the door latch and provide a strong and secure handle to aid getting in and out of the vehicle. Similarly, the Autoturn Cushion facilitates getting in and out of the car seat whilst minimising twisting and turning that may be uncomfortable.

There are many tools and devices available that can help make day-to-day tasks easier and more comfortable. Visit the DPS Shop to explore your options.

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