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Exploring Options for Unused NDIS Funds

The NDIS provides funding to assist participants in achieving their goals and enhancing independence. Having leftover funds in your NDIS plan is common and can occur for various reasons. Unused funds can be utilised flexibly within the NDIS guidelines to avoid wastage.

It's not unusual to find yourself with remaining funds in your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan. However, it's essential to note that unspent funds cannot be carried over into a new plan. Therefore, considering alternative uses for these funds before your plan review is crucial.

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Let's explain person-first language and identity-first language

There are two main types of language used by people with a disability or medical condition: person-first language and identity-first language.

Some people’s preferred terms are person-first language and other people prefer identity-first language.

If you work in the disability industry, support someone, are a friend, family member, colleague or even a neighbour of a person with disability it is important to understand the different types of language and the preferred terminology that person might have.

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