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The Power of Connecting Sports to Special Events: Raising Awareness and Making a Difference - Dementia Awareness

In today's world, the power of sports and special events cannot be overstated, connecting these two realms to raise awareness has emerged as a potent tool for promoting various causes. This article explores the significance of linking sports to special events, with a particular focus on raising awareness for dementia and the inspiring work of the AFL legend Neil Daniher through the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) cause.

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Honouring Our Loved Ones in Aged Care, Retirement Living, and Disability Communities on Valentine's Day

For those living in aged care facilities, retirement living homes and with disabilities, Valentine's Day can be a reminder of the importance of companionship and support. In an environment where isolation is common, it can be difficult to find the courage and strength to continue to live a meaningful life despite the challenges they face.

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Dementia advocacy groups advocate for older people to keep their minds active as an important preventative measure to the development of dementia or the acceleration of dementia. 

Studies over the years have backed this standpoint, with many different researchers finding that puzzles can stimulate the brain and keep older people sharp while also delaying the onset of memory loss.

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