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The Handybar is a portable support handle designed to help you safely get in and out of a car it simply inserts into the door latch of your car to act as a temporary handle. This lightweight, versatile product is especially useful for safe transfer for low profile cars or higher SUVs and is designed to fit the majority of vehicles on the market.

So easy to insert and remove, the Handybar fits securely into the passenger or driver side door. The product simply hooks into the solid metal latch of the car door for comfortable grip and optimal leverage. Place one hand on this handle to support your weight as you lift or lower yourself into the car. The handle is made from thermoplastic rubber for a firm, non-slip grip, with contoured grooves to fit the fingers.

This lightweight product is small enough to store discreetly when not in use. Keep it inside your glove box, inside the door console or even slip it into your handbag so it's with you at all times.

Some added extras make this product doubly useful in the car in the event of an unexpected emergency. The strong tip can be used to break a window if ever trapped inside the vehicle, while the concealed cutting device underneath the handle can be used to cut through a seat belt.

This product has a maximum user weight of 155 kilograms.

  • portable support handle to get in and out of car
  • fits majority of vehicles
  • easy to use on either front car door
  • non-slip rubber handle
  • small size for easy storage
  • emergency use to cut seat belt or break glass
  • maximum user weight 155 kg