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A soft swivel cushion designed to help you get in and out of the car, this flat disc sits on your seat and allows you to twist and slide without strain.

The top of the cushion has a low friction surface which lets you slide over or turn easily in your seat. This significantly reduces any strain to the knees, hip and back, and stops you need to twist your legs or feet.

The cushion is easy to secure using the integrated attachment strap simply wrap this around the back of the seat and fasten. The strap can be tightened for safe attachment. The AutoTurn also features two smaller side straps that can be secured to the seat belt for extra security. Two small side handles can be used to reposition the cushion.

The great product is lightweight and use to carry with you for use in any vehicle. Measuring 45cm in diameter, the product can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. The maximum user weight is 150 kilograms.

  • low friction cushion to get in and out of car
  • helps slide and turn with ease
  • lightweight and easy to use
  • secure attachment
  • side handles
  • small side straps for seat belt attachment
  • maximum user weight 150 kg