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Nutrition and good eating is essential for an older person.

It promotes a healthy mind and body, which will help keep you capable of living independently at home for longer.

As we age, our taste and smell decreases, which will impact on eating habits and enjoyment of food. 

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Dementia advocacy groups advocate for older people to keep their minds active as an important preventative measure to the development of dementia or the acceleration of dementia. 

Studies over the years have backed this standpoint, with many different researchers finding that puzzles can stimulate the brain and keep older people sharp while also delaying the onset of memory loss.

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With a huge uptake in video conferencing apps and programs in the first few months of COVID-19, video calling has increased by 30 percent among research participants studies have shown.

Family and friends found video calls a great way to keep in touch with their older loved ones so they don't feel too isolated from the outside world. Check out our selection of easy to use video call watches and safety devices here under Personal Technology.

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Personal alarms, also known as panic alarms or medical alarms, are one such product that can assist you in feeling safe while in your home or out in the community. 

These devices have accelerators that can detect falls, which can provide reassurance to the wearer so they can take more risks and live independently.

Even if you haven't had a fall, you can press the button on your personal alarm device to call for help if you have a medical episode or don't feel right.

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Dr Norman Swan explores the COVID-19 impact on future aged care, Education, governance, Governement COVID response, leadership during covid 19, wellbeing -

Physician and ABC producer, journalist and broadcaster, Dr Norman Swan, expressed the need for costly changes in a fragmented and ill-working aged care sector, and outlined the suspected changes we should expect to see in the industry following COVID-19. Posted by Liz Alderslade A guest speaker at Leading Age Services Australia's (LASA) 'Ten Days of Congress' event, held from 12-23 October, Dr Swan provided his expertise around spreading viruses throughout history and how COVID-19 differed, including its detrimental impact on the aged care sector. Dr Swan explained that COVID-19 was already known about before it started to spread as well as...

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