Why a walking frame might be the best option for you.

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Why a walking frame might be the best option for you.

Our mobility can be impaired in a number of ways, and we may find ourselves in need of aid to help us move around as we wish. Walking frames or rollators (wheeled walkers) are a practical solution for anyone with limited mobility, whether temporary or long-term. 

For many there is a stigma attached to walking frames or aids, as though using one is a sign of frailty or incapacity. Some people may be embarrassed to use a device they associate with older people. But the realities are that mobility aids such as walking frames and rollators give freedom and independence to those who need them, and should be viewed as tools to enhance one's life and leisure.

An injury may require someone to need a walking frame for a short time while they recover, in which case the frame provides freedom they otherwise would not have. The ability to give support and stability to an injured individual is the key purpose of a walking frame. The right walking aid allows a leg injury, for example, to heal and regain strength whilst maintaining the correct movement patterns. The alternative would be to remain immobile while you recover. Which would you choose, if given the choice? 

Or an ongoing injury or weakness may cause a limit in movement long-term. In this case a person has the option of using a mobility aid such as a walker with wheels to enable them to move around freely, or using no aid and being reliant on others to get from place to place. This dependence on others can be frustrating or demoralising. When independence is important, using a walking aid seems like a simple choice.

Many walking aids are fully adaptable and able to be personalised to the needs of the user. Height-adjustable frames, multi-directional front wheels, walking frames with seats and walking frames with trays are versatile options available to suit every individual. This allows you to customise a walking aid to suit your specific requirements, making the device comfortable and easy to use. Walking frames with wheels will often have soft-touch brakes which can be operated with minimal hand pressure, allowing those with weakened grips still move around freely and safely. And many have storage baskets or bags attached, so they can be used when shopping instead of transitioning to a trolley, or can store your personal belongings so they can stay with you while you are out and about. 

Materials used in construction also vary, with plastic, alloy and even heavy duty materials like carbon fibre used to make aids lightweight, easy to fold and store and hardwearing. Whether used for a short period or extended time, walking frames (also sometimes called zimmer frames) have seen the benefit of design and manufacturing technologies to optimise their function and ease of use. It is important that a walking aid enriches your experience and does not become a burden or cause of frustration. 

Walking frames are also available in designs suitable for inside or outside use, so you can have a lightweight option for inside and a more heavy duty option for when you are out and about. Many prefer a smaller or more streamlined walker for inside where space is limited, and a sturdier option for outside with wheels more suited to varied terrain. Alternatively many designs are versatile and can be used in both environments, which is perfect if your space to store them is limited.

Walking aids are not only suitable for those with injuries, but can be an important safety device for anyone at risk of instability or falls. They provide a stable source of support when mobile, and can help prevent serious injuries by giving support and stability when needed most. For many, a walking frame can be a constant companion, allowing someone whose ability to move around has slowed remain independent and enjoy their freedom.

Regardless of your age or circumstance, walking frames can be a game-changer if your mobility is impaired in any way. They provide stability and support to keep you safe, and can have convenient features that make your life easier and more mobile. Suitable for both short and long term use, there are designs and models to suit every need, and features that make the devices fit with your lifestyle effortlessly. No longer should anyone be wary of using a walking frame if they have the need, because they are the solution to maintaining mobility and overall wellbeing.

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