"Things to do near me" - 6 great options fuelling the latest travel craze

"Things to do near me" - 6 great options fuelling the latest travel craze

"Things to do near me" the latest travel craze

Posted by Liz Alderslade March 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed travel around the world dramatically over the last year. It is nearly impossible to go sightseeing overseas and tick things off your bucket list.

Even travelling interstate or going out and about as an older person is incredibly difficult due to the coronavirus restrictions and unexpected city and State and Territory lockdowns.

In these cases, it can be best to look into our own State or Territory and the amazing things you can do in your own backyard.

South Australia has the Flinders Rangers to explore and gorgeous beaches along the Peninsula, Queensland's tropical rainforests are waiting to be seen and you can snorkel through the Great Barrier Reef, and Victoria has the iconic Great Ocean Road to experience and historic mining towns where you can pan for gold.

Each State and Territory has a reason tourists want to visit, so why not become a tourist yourself?

Here are 6 great things you can do "near you" right now:

Road trips

Stay in a local caravan park to visit towns and areas outside of the city or go back to basic and camp under the stars! 
There are hundreds of camping grounds and caravan parks around Australia to accommodate local tourists. Both options are very cheap, allowing for an inexpensive holiday. 
Caravan parks tend to be in areas that are popular to visit and camping grounds are usually located through national parks and close to natural wonders.

Visit historical towns 

Australia has a plethora of important and rich history available in the smallest of country towns.
Sovereign Hill is a common tourist location in Ballarat, Victoria, that is well known for its gold rush era history and gold panning experiences. Whereas, Tamworth in New South Wales is considered the destination for country music in Australia.
Most of these towns have a lot of character and host a number of experiences and things to see.

Explore your local museum or art gallery

You might not even have to leave the city to see or learn something new. Your State or Territory museum is full of history and the latest in technology and innovation. They tend to host new activities and exhibits all the time that can keep you interested. 
If you have more interest in art and culture, taking a walk through your local art gallery is also a great option, no matter if you like modern, contemporary, or ancient art.


Australia is world famous for its gorgeous beaches, so why not make a day of it, and visit your local beach for a swim and a picnic. Go fishing or crabbing, stroll along the water's edge or explore little rock pools nearby. 
If you are a strong swimmer and enjoy exploring, going outside of your area to less travelled beaches can make the whole experience so much more worthwhile.
Additionally, the good thing about being retired is that you don't have to worry about crowds or missing out on good weather on weekdays!

National parks and bushwalks

Australia has a multitude of national parks and bushwalks for beginner walkers and keen hikers. 
National parks tend to be protected by the Government, allowing for visitors to experience uninterrupted wildlife and nature.
One of Australia's most popular hikes is in Tasmania, the Overland Track at Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park, a six day one way walk.
Most national parks and bushwalks outline the difficulty of the walk on signs before you start, so make sure you are well prepared and understanding what you are getting into before you start. And don't forget your water!

Botanical gardens

There are over 140 botanical gardens in Australia, and each major city in the country has its own botanical garden to visit.
Botanical gardens are not only pretty, their purpose is for conservation, education, and scientific research!  
You can view amazing plants you have never seen before being grown by botanists in huge glasshouse conservatories or just walk on the available tracks around the lakes and through forests. 
The bigger Botanical Gardens also display themed areas, like Japanese gardens or South African natives.
The George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens in Northern Territory primarily focus on the tropical flora in northern Australia and have many interesting walkways to meander through.

There is always something interesting in your own home town or city you have never visited before, so make the effort to give back to your State or Territory economy.

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