Resolutions for Aged Care this New Year

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Resolutions for Aged Care this New Year

Resolutions for Aged Care this New Year

As we find ourselves in January 2024, although traditional New Year's resolutions may seem like a thing of the past, this month offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on how you'd like to approach the rest of the year. Resolutions don't have to follow the typical goals like losing weight or eating better. Setting goals at the beginning of the year is a time-honoured tradition, and it's a perfect chance to put a unique twist on the concept and contemplate what would make 2024 memorable.

Here are some alternative resolutions to consider besides of course staying up to date all things Aged Care and Disability related within the industry.

Rekindle an Old Hobby

When was the last time you engaged in an activity purely for your enjoyment or relaxation? Whether you have full or partial mobility, consider picking up a hobby you may have long forgotten. Choose something that doesn't demand too much effort; after all, your aged care years are meant for relaxation. It doesn't matter what you decide to do—whether it's a daily knitting session, a weekly game of chess, or experimenting with watercolours. Select an activity that allows you to unwind and free your mind from stress without the pressure of perfection.

Challenge Your Mind

As we age, our brains may slow down, making it crucial to exercise them regularly. Regardless of whether you're experiencing memory lapses, dedicating some time each week to challenge your brain is essential. Make it an enjoyable activity, regardless of your age. Engage in daily Sudoku puzzles, word searches, or a weekly game of bridge to keep your brain sharp and have fun either by yourself or with friends.

Embrace Technology

Even if you're utilising aged care support services and facing limitations in mobility, it's never too late to embrace technology. FaceTime and other platforms can help you stay connected with friends and family, while Microsoft suite enables secure information exchange and access to the vast knowledge on the internet. Whether with the assistance of a family member or through enrollment in a short course, learning about technology can open new and valuable opportunities.

Increase Your Commitment to Giving

If you found spare time last year and thought about being more constructive, consider volunteering as a way to give back to your community. Volunteering not only fills up your time but also provides health benefits, keeping you socially active, building confidence, and instilling a sense of purpose. If physical limitations prevent you from giving your time, consider alternative actions such as knitting clothes for those in need or assisting at your local animal shelter. These acts, even if not physically present, contribute to the well-being of others and provide personal satisfaction.

While there may be various positive resolutions to consider for 2024, these simple yet effective suggestions can add a new dimension to your daily or weekly routine. Make this year one to cherish, and incorporate these goals to bring a fresh perspective to your aged care life.

And if you can’t figure out a resolution for yourself, here’s an idea… Be sure to check in for all of DPS Shops blogs for 2024.

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