Preserve dignity and independence with simple safety devices

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Preserve dignity and independence with simple safety devices

Remaining in your own home as you get older is a key factor in maintaining independence, but adaptations need to be made to ensure one's safety and security. For many, accessing home care services is the answer to their needs, for others some simple devices and innovations can be sufficient.

Bathing is one regimen that is deeply tied to an individual's privacy and dignity, so requiring assistance can be traumatic. If you find your mobility is compromised you may like to consider something which allows you to sit in the shower, like the Betterliving Aluminium Shower Chair or Shower Stool. These devices allow you to sit safely and securely in the shower and conduct your bathing without assistance.

Similarly, our grooming is a very personal practice that can be difficult to relinquish, so tools that help us continue to do it ourselves are incredibly valuable. The Etac Beauty Multipurpose Grip can be affixed to your toothbrush, hairbrush or even a make-up brush to provide an easier and more dexterous grip. In fact the product comes with 3 nail files so you can maintain your manicure easily at home.

As mobility decreases, raising and lowering ourselves to and from a sitting position can be a challenge, including when using the lavatory. Many do not want assistance with this activity, but when the risk of a fall is apparent we need to make concessions to ensure our safety. The Etac My-Loo Toilet Seat Raiser makes accessing the commode easier for those who otherwise find raising and lowering themselves difficult. 

There are many more tools and devices to be found on the DPS Shop which can help you continue to live independently and with dignity as you get older.

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