Have We Lost Patience and Respect for Our Elderly People?

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Have We Lost Patience and Respect for Our Elderly People?

Have We Lost Patience and Respect for Our Elderly People?

It's been said that a society's measure lies in how it treats its weakest members. With the elderly, have we forgotten our manners and lost our patience? 

A recent Reddit post ignited a heated debate on this topic when a man confessed to not waiting for an elderly woman on an elevator because he was in a hurry.

The man explained that while on vacation, he encountered a family of five, including an elderly grandmother, in front of an elevator. The family stopped the elevator's door from closing, saying they were waiting for their grandma. The man became impatient, telling them they didn't have to hold the elevator and that he was in a hurry. When their grandma finally arrived, she asked the man if he belonged to a specific organisation staying in the hotel. He said no, and the father of the family remarked that he wasn't one of "those people" who were nice.

The post sparked outrage and divided opinions on the platform. Some criticised the man for his impatience and lack of respect for the elderly, while others supported him, arguing that the family should have asked him if he minded waiting.

This incident raises essential questions about how we treat the elderly. The old adage “respect your elders'' that was once ingrained in western culture now seems to be a thing of the past. They simply don’t seem to be held in the same regard or pedestal.   Have we become so preoccupied with our own schedules that we've forgotten basic manners and respect for our elders? In some cultures, respect for the elderly is deeply ingrained in the social fabric, but in others, it seems to have been lost over time.

It's easy to blame the man in the Reddit post for his lack of patience, but the truth is, we all need to examine our behaviour towards the elderly. How often have we ignored or dismissed them because we're too busy or in a hurry? How often have we failed to show them the basic respect they deserve?

As we age, we all hope to be treated with kindness and dignity. We hope that our society will value us and treat us with respect. However, this can only happen if we, as individuals, begin to change our attitudes towards the elderly.

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