Body Massage Gun - The Benefits of Usage

Body Massage Gun - The Benefits of Usage

Benefits of a massage gun

Posted by Margot White 6 OCT 2020

Relief from aches and pains is within easy reach with massage guns gaining popularity in Australian households. Check out this great example: click here.

Through vibration and rapid bursts of pressure, a massage gun can deliver the same benefits as a traditional massage without having to leave the house. 

This portable tool can help with muscle stiffness and pain, recovery after injury or surgery, increase of blood flow or can be used before a workout to help warm up the muscles. 

With different settings and attachments, they can be used on different parts of the body, including back, neck or shoulders.

New user Matt has experienced the benefits of the tool first hand after purchasing a massage gun a few months ago.

"I have been using my massage gun for about three months and I wish I hadn't waited so long to purchase one," he says.

"Being in my 40's and still playing competitive sports means I have many aches and pains, especially in my lower legs. I use it to help with tight calves mostly."

Matt uses the tool everyday, sometimes twice a day, and says it only takes a few minutes on each muscle and the relief is almost instant.

"Since using it I've noticed quicker recovery from my sporting activity, less visits to the physio and masseuse and helps me keep up with the kids!" he adds.

And with so many different models on the market there are different options for different budgets, ranging from a basic massage gun for around $89 to a more professional option in the $800-$1,000 price range. 

"I'd definitely recommend the massage gun to anyone looking for relief from sore muscles from sports or to help with rehabilitation after an injury," says Matt.

"If you have sore body parts and you visit chiro's and physio's then it is worth having a look at getting one." 

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    Sounds like I need to grab one of these, thanks for the information.

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