"Adelaide Fringe's DIAP: A Step Towards Inclusion and Access for People with Disability"

"Adelaide Fringe's DIAP: A Step Towards Inclusion and Access for People with Disability"

"Adelaide Fringe's DIAP: A Step Towards Inclusion and Access for People with Disability"

Adelaide Fringe's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DIAP) is a major step forward in ensuring greater access and inclusion for people with disability. It is a comprehensive plan that aims to identify barriers to access, and to develop measurable actions to create accessible and inclusive communities and services for people with disability. The DIAP includes disability awareness training for staff and volunteers, ongoing consultation with an external party, community engagement, and consideration of the physical environment and protocols and procedures in the event of an emergency.

By launching this plan, Adelaide Fringe is sending a strong message that it is committed to making its events, services and programs inclusive and accessible to all. This is a very positive development for the disability and inclusion community in South Australia and beyond.

From Auslan interpreted performances to audio description and relaxed performance. The Adelaide Fringe also has venues with wheelchair access and events with assistive listening. The Adelaide Fringe’s goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the Adelaide Festival experience to its fullest.

Auslan Interpretation Events: An Auslan interpreted performance is designed to be inclusive for Deaf patrons who use Auslan. An interpreter stands in a clearly visible location to the audience and interprets the spoken word and sound effects for these patrons. 

Events with Audio Description: Audio description is designed to provide information on the visual elements of a performance to those who have difficulty seeing. An Audio Describer delivers a live commentary via a personal headset with this information.

Events with a Relaxed Performance: A relaxed performance has been adapted to create a relaxed atmosphere for those who may have difficulty in a traditional theatre setting. The ambience is adjusted to suit a wider range of sensory tolerances.

Events with Highly Visual Content: Events with highly visual content are those that are partly surtitled or include dialogue, background music and/or sounds. The rating dictates how much of the show is visual, opposed to dialogue.

Events with Assistive Listening: These events are designed to make performances more accessible to those with hearing impairments. They take place in venues which offer either hearing loop facilities or hearing assistance packs.

Venues with Wheelchair Access: Venues that are wheelchair accessible are those that are either predominantly or completely accessible.

Adelaide Fringe is committed to making sure that everyone can enjoy their events to the fullest. The DIAP is an important step towards this and is a great initiative to ensure that everyone can attend and enjoy Adelaide Fringe's events.

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