7 tips for keeping sane in a lockdown

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7 tips for keeping sane in a lockdown

How to keep your 'sanity' when forced into lockdown

Posted by Liz Alderslade Feb 2021

As each State and Territory goes in and out of lockdown restrictions due to unexpected COVID-19 cases, many people are now having to prepare themselves for sudden isolation and quarantining.

Only recently Melbourne went into a 'circuit breaker' lockdown to stop the movement of a new COVID-19 variant which is quite contagious.

The unpredictable movement of the virus means people still need to be prepared for an unexpected lockdown.

Additionally, you could end up infected with COVID-19, or in close contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19, meaning you have to quarantine.

Here are some ways to remain sane and entertained at home during a lockdown or period of quarantine:

1. Take the opportunity to do jobs around the house
We all have house chores or tasks we have put off because it is tedious, boring, or time consuming. A lockdown period can be the perfect time to start doing those tasks. 
It could be basic renovations around the home, like fixing up damaged cupboards or tidying the garden, or it could be tidying up a spare room or doing a deep clean of the house.
Maybe you have photo albums to be sorted but never have the time to sit down and do it. 
Being in lockdown may be the best opportunity to address these house errands you have been putting off.
2. Make the most of your time available outside
Normally, there are times you are allowed to go outside, for example, an hour outside for exercise within 5 km of your home, or to go shopping for essentials. 
Make the most of your allocated time outside. Especially for exercise, take the time to breathe in the fresh air, the scenery, and appreciate your time outside the house.
3. Keep up exercise 
Even if you are unable to exercise outside, try to get into the routine of working out at home every now and then. 
It gives you something to do and can also keep you healthy. 
Being locked inside can lead to very sedentary habits, which you don't want to continue after the lockdown.
Exercising can also improve your mood and make you feel more energised. 
4. Hobbies at the ready
All the side projects or arts and crafts you have been putting off can now be brought out of the back cupboard! 
Everyone has a wardrobe full of lost dreams, filled with products that we bought thinking we were suddenly going to become a jewellery maker or start making tables as a hobby.
In lockdown, filling the time with these hobbies can be really beneficial to keep your mind and hands busy. 
This can be the time to sit down and read that book you have been meaning to, to practice your neglected instrument, or try your hand at watercolor paintings.
5. Practice calming techniques
Undertaking tasks that keep you calm and reduce stress is ideal for lockdowns, as many can start to feel 'cabin fever' being inside for a long time. 
COVID-19 can also be particularly stressful. Even though Australia has relatively low death rates in comparison to other countries, catching COVID-19 can be dangerous to certain demographics. 
Additionally, the virus has been known to leave lasting effects long after COVID-19 disappears from your system.
Try meditation or yoga as a stress reliever.
6. Keep in contact with family and friends
Utilise all your available avenues to remain in contact with your loved ones. 
Whether it be phone calls, messages, emails, or video calls, make use of the technology you have to be connected to those you can't see in person. This can especially be important if you live alone.
7. Stick to your daily routine
While the world around you feels all over the place because of COVID-19, it can be good to continue upholding your normal life as much as possible. 
Try to keep to your daily routine. For example, wake up on time, keep to your daily schedule, and fill the hours you would normally be out and about with fun activities or alternatives.

Remember: COVID-19 is dangerous and these lockdowns can be necessary to stop the spread of the virus. If your State or Territory goes into lockdown, follow the recommendations for keeping safe.

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