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Support at Home TASMANIA Edition

Support at Home TAS Edition is Out Now!

Welcome to the Tasmanian edition of Support at Home, the industry-leading publication built for helping you understand how to access support and care options while living at home.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between those offering services or care options and ageing Australians wanting to access them to remain living in their own home. 

We have crafted a guide full of informative and engaging information covering all topics from researching your options and where to look for information relevant to you, all the way through to getting assessed, finding providers and managing your services. 

Our Support at Home Guide is positioned to be an essential companion, guiding and educating anyone trying to navigate care options in Australia.

In this edition easily flick through the colour coded sections as follows; 

  • Research
  • Preparation
  • Getting Assessed
  • Finding Providers Locally
  • Managing your services


You will find articles that take the reader through building a network of support to make living at home easier and more manageable when accessing Home Care Services regardless of the level of care you are approved for.

Don't wait for an emergency to force you into an uncomfortable position. Understand your rights, who to contact, how to navigate getting more care, what to do when seeking financial advice and so much more. As part of the new Care Finder rolling out across Australia over the coming months, take the initiative to understand all there is to know about the help available in your state and locally ahead of time.

Another DPS Quality Publication connecting you with the care you need across AUSTRALIA.