Sensor Lightglobe Adapter

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This clever adapter instantly converts any ceiling light around your home into a motion sensor light simply insert the adapter into the light socket in place of the original globe and the light will automatically come on whenever movement is detected. Ideal for corridors, entrance halls, passageways or as a useful bathroom solution for night time. Anytime you enter the space the light simply turns on, without the need to fumble for switches.

Designed for indoor use only, this device is motion activated so the light turns on whenever the device detects movement within a 3 to 5 metre radius. The light automatically turns off again when movement is no longer detected, helping to save on energy costs and allowing you to leave the light on while existing a dark room or corridor.

The adpater is easily adjustable, allowing you to adjust settings for light sensitivity, time delay and movement. This means you can set the light to work in dim or low light; set how long the light stays on for; and set the amount of movement that is needed to trigger the light.

The Sensor Lightglobe Adapter can be used on any standard screw or bayonet ceiling light socket in place of the original globe. Simply remove the globe from the ceiling socket, insert the adapter and then insert a 60 watt globe into the adapter. Alternatively you can insert a 20 watt fluorescent for maximum energy saving.

A versatile socket converter is also included. This allows you to convert a screw fitting to a bayonet fitting, which means this clever device can be used with almost any available light fittings. Please note that the converter is not compatible with other lightglobes, so can not be used to convert a standard light socket. It must only be used on the adapter product.


  • converts any ceiling light into a motion sensor light
  • designed for indoor use only
  • insert into any standard screw or bayonet fitting
  • uses 60 watt bulb (20 watt fluorescent)
  • 3-5 metre detection radius
  • adjustable settings for light sensitivity; time delay and movement
  • includes handy socket converter (screw ; bayonet)