BetterLiving Pedal Exerciser

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The perfect alternative to traditional stationary bikes, this Pedal Exerciser can be used to increase muscle strength and improve coordination, range of joint motion and circulation.

Lightweight and portable, the versatile product can be used for a variety of alternative exercises, for both lower and upper body. The compact design makes it easy to move the exerciser from room to room, to take outside in the fresh air or even to take when travelling.

The exerciser is designed to be placed on the floor when exercising with the feet, or placed on a table top when exercising with the hands. It features both forwards and backwards movement, to ensure you are working all muscle groups. It also offers an easily adjustable resistance level - simply turn the knob to either increase or decrease the resistance at will.

This product weighs 2.5 kilograms and measures 280 mm high, 445 mm wide and 530 mm deep.

  • use for both upper and lower body exercises
  • increase muscle strength
  • improve coordination, range of motion and circulation
  • forwards and backwards movement
  • adjustable resistance level
  • portable and compact