Non Slip Outdoor Mat

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Specifically designed for outdoor use and great for any high traffic area, the raised pattern on this ultra-absorbent, non-slip is especially hard wearing and will not flatten. The mat is suitable for use on all floor types and is ideally suited to help reduce the risk of falls.

The hardwearing loop pile surface is specially designed to remove dirt and grit from the shoes. The mat also absorbs and holds over 5 litres of water per square metre, making it super effective in any outdoor environment.

The rubber backing is skid-resistant and also designed to resist oil and grease. With ultra grip cleats, the Outdoor Mat is designed not to move when stood on. These low profile mats have an 'anti-trip' tapered safety border. This feature is specially designed to ensure that the edge of the mat does not lift and become a trip hazard. The mat lies very flat against the floor, so feet cannot catch on the edge - great for general falls prevention.

The mat can be swept, vacuumed or hosed clean. Alternatively, these mats can be machine washed and tumble dried for a thorough clean. Simply refer to the washing instructions printed on the underside of the mat.

  • designed for outdoor use
  • ideal for high traffic areas
  • loop pile traps dirt
  • ultra water absorbent
  • non-slip rubber backing
  • anti-trip tapered border
  • suitable for all floor types
  • sweep, vacuum or hose clean
  • can be machine washed or tumble dried