Orientation Signage

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Special signs that use colour, symbols and images to act as visual prompts to help people living with a diagnosis of dementia find the bathroom, toilet, kitchen or bedroom areas.

Locating rooms in the home can become stressful for people living with a diagnosis of dementia. These bright Orientation Signs can be stuck on the door of each room in the home. Available as self adhesive stickers with peel off backing, or as foam boards with double sided tape for mounting. Simple application instructions are also included with every sticker.

Signage is available for the bedroom, bathroom, toilet and kitchen - with a recognisable symbol and different colour for each. Each sign measures 300 by 300 mm.

  • ideal for people living with a diagnosis of dementia or anyone with cognitive impairment
  • bright visual cues to help locate rooms
  • sign for toilet; kitchen; bathroom; bedroom
  • stickers or mountable foam boards
  • colour coded per room
  • easy to install