Non Slip Indoor Mat 450x700mm Solid Colours

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Reduce the risk of falls and minimise the risk of tripping at home with these mats feature a heavy duty rubber backing with ultra grip cleats.

With a hardwearing tufted nylon top surface, the colour is specially treated so that it won't fade. The pile is designed to be crush resistant, ensuring the mat's surface remains smooth and level, even after prolonged use. The surface texture traps dirt and water, and helps scrapes shoes clean.

9 colours to select from, the Non Slip Indoor Mat is suitable for all tiled, timber or lino surfaces, these low profile mats have an 'anti-trip' tapered safety border. This feature is specially designed to ensure that the edge of the mat does not lift and become a trip hazard. The mat lies very flat against the floor, so feet cannot catch on the edge.

The mat can be swept, vacuumed or hosed clean. Alternatively, these mats can be machine washed and tumble dried. Simply refer to the washing instructions printed on the underside of the mat.

Five different sizes are available, from small to quite large including a long hall runner. Choose from a range of contemporary colours designed to suit a wide range of home decor.

  • non slip indoor mat
  • suitable for tiled, timber or lino surfaces
  • anti-trip safety border
  • crush resistant pile traps dirt
  • nine colour choices
  • five sizes including hall runner
  • sweep or hose clean
  • can be machine washed and tumble dried