Etac Light Combination Cutlery

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This fantastic Combination Cutlery is designed specifically for use with only one hand; and offers a knife and spoon combination or a knife and fork combination (two models available to suit either a right handed or left handed user).

The design of the handle supports a firm, secure grip. The cutting edge is concealed on the underside blade to prevent any injury to the corners of the mouth.

The lightweight, ergonomic design is suited to people with limited strength, or impaired hand and arm mobility. Made from stainless steel with plastic handle, minimum strength and effort is required to maintain a firm grip on the cutlery while eating.

All products in Etac's Light range of cutlery is designed to be lightweight, and gentle on the joints while relieving strain on the fingers. Also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

  • designed for one handed use
  • knife and fork combo (left and right hand models)
  • knife and spoon combo
  • oval handle for secure grip
  • minimum strength and effort required
  • dishwasher safe