Immedia MultiGlide Gloves

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A versatile product for a range of situations, these MultiGlide Gloves are ideal for small re-positioning adjustments or for smoothing out bed sheets underneath some who is bed bound.

These unique gloves have a low friction outer surface that means that the glove will slide easily beneath any surface, even when pressure is being applied above. So the perfect tool to slide underneath someone laying in bed, without the risk of damage to the delicate skin. They are ideal for making small repositioning changes to someone, whether in a bed or a chair, and are a great asset for a nursing home or for in home care.

They are also a useful tool to check that someone is properly suspended on an air cushion or mattress that is, to ensure there is adequate support between the person's buttocks or body and the base of the cushion.

Sold as a pair, gloves can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean.


  • low friction gloves
  • ideal for many situations
  • great for re-positioning adjustments and movements
  • sold as a pair