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This clever, compact swivel cushion from Etac is designed to help you get in and out of your bed, the car or even a chair the soft, flat cushion simply sits under the buttocks and helps you turn without strain to back, hips or knees. Two different sizes are available to accommodate different sized users or for different applications.

Measuring either 40 cm or 45 cm in diameter, this cushion is only a few centimetres in height. With a soft cushioned top plate and a swivel turnplate on the bottom, it is simple to use and easy to carry where ever needed. The underside of the cushion is covered in a non-slip material to ensure the cushion doesn't slip while in use.

Simply a great product for use in and around the home, or when travelling in the car the swivel function prevents strains on knees, hip and back. The cushion can be wiped with a damp cloth for cleaning purposes.

Available in two sizing options, the maximum user weight for this product is 130 kilograms.


  • round, flat cushion with inbuilt swivel function
  • reduces strain on back, hip or knees
  • use to get out of bed or car
  • lightweight and portable
  • non-slip underside
  • easy to use
  • two sizes available