Fixed Height Raised Toilet Seat

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Ideal for travel or temporary use, this raised toilet seat is easy to attach and remove and offers some added height to the standard toilet seat to make it easier to sit down and get up from the toilet. The product includes a flip-up lid for improved appearance and increased hygiene.Ergonomically designed, the one-piece, moulded seat is gently contoured for maximum comfort for the buttocks. It has no seams or joins which might otherwise scratch the skin.

The toilet seat sits directly on the toilet bowl, with an angled base that sits firmly within the bowl to ensure the seat remains secure and stable at all times. The seat has both a front and rear recess or cutaway section. This provides better hygiene access, offering more room to easily reach the bottom or genital region for cleaning. The smooth seat is treated to be both stain and odour resistant, making it easier to keep clean.

The seat attaches directly to the rim of the bowl, with a clamp at either side that can be tightening with a turning knob at either side. This makes it super easy to attach and remove the toilet seat raiser when ever needed, so great to take when travelling.

Three height options are available to suit individual user needs or the height of the toilet. Refer to the product brochure for detailed dimensions of each. Available heights are low (50 mm), medium (100 mm) and high (150mm).

This product is suited to people with a maximum weight of 130 kilograms.


    • clamp on toilet seat raiser
    • adds height to standard toilet for easier access
    • ideal for travel or temporary use
    • smooth, gently contoured surface
    • seat cutaways for easy hygiene access
    • flip-up lid for improved hygiene and appearance
    • stain and odour resistant
    • three heights available
    • maximum user weight 130 kg