Etac Aktiv Reacher with Hook 45cm

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This handy Etac Aktiv reacher with hook is a perfect aid for dressing and undressing due to the feature of being able to pull and push. Beside that the Aktiv reacher with hook has the same light weight and brilliant functionality as the other active reachers.

It allows you to pick up objects off the floor, without needing to bend. Or to grab objects from up to half a metre away while seated, without needing to reach or lean over. Or to reach objects stored up high without the need to climb, or strain on the shoulders. These products are very useful in and around the home and can help to minimise the risk of falls.

The jaws are covered in hard-wearing rubber for good grip and a long lifespan. You can also set the jaws in one of two different positions. The allows you to use the reacher either horizontally and vertically without needing to turn your arm.

A magnet is built into the handle. This means you can use the handle of the reacher to pick up small metal objects such as a paperclip, safety pin or hair clip.

The Aktiv Reacher is engineered to lift up to 2 kg, which is typically greater than the load a normal user would be looking to pick up unaided.

Designed to make reaching and gripping easier, all products in the Etac Aktiv Reacher range are lightweight, with ergonomically designed handles and wide opening jaws.

  • great tool for reaching or picking up small items
  • lightweight, ergonomic design
  • handle designed to require minimal strength to use
  • magnet in handle
  • lift loads up to 2 kg