EMS Muscle Stimulator Body Massager Phone Connection Acupuncture Back Neck Tens Physiotherapy Machine Therapy Electric Massage

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Use your phone as a Tens Machine

Brand Name:
Application: Body
Product Name: e-Tens Smartphone Massager
Color: White
Effect: Release pain from illness
Application: Body
Type: Boby massage
Product features 1: Relax muscles
Product features 2: Soothing cervical vertebra
Product features 3: Relieve fatigue
Applicable scene: Anytime, anywhere
Applicable parts: Neck, waist, hips, shoulders, arms, legs, back, feet
Massage technique: Massage, beating. Kneading, sceaping. acupuncture, cupping
Applicable equipment: Mobile phone, charging treasure
Product advantage 1: No need to charge
Product advantage 2: Small and convenient, carry it with you
Product advantage 3: Maximum output limit
Product advantage 4: Short circuit protection
Product advantage 5: Start output limit
Product advantage 6: Electrostatic protection
Pulse width: 135cm
Patch size: 4*4cm
Patch material: Medical silicone gel
Working current: 3 to 60 mA
Voltage: USB powered 5.0V
Plug type: No need
Ships from: China
Product code: R-249-B
Type1: electric massager
Type2: muscle massager
Type3: body massager
Type4: Tens Massager Tens Machine