Sofihub smart sensor monitoring for seniors or those living with disabilities

Sofihub is a 4G connected, monthly subscription, movement sensor based, monitoring system for elderly living alone, it has a pill taking reminder, tracking devices for dementia, infrared sensors to assist those living with disabilities and much more.

Eight PIR (Passive infrared) sensors can be placed around the home, and are  connected to a smart base station which can initiate several pre-programmed actions.

Sofihub’s eight sensors can cover up to eight rooms (including even the medicine cupboard).


The sensors track your movement – or lack thereof – around your home. It is for single occupancy.

The sensors default is 360° motion, but you can fit a pet cover (180°) or a transit cover (think door sensor/tripwire).


If you go to the toilet and don’t come out in a programmed time, Sofihub will assume you have an issue and attempt to get some action. Similarly, if you go to bed, you should trip the sensor as you exit the bedroom later. While it is not a fall detector, it can detect a lack of movement.


Let’s say that you spend the majority of time in your favourite recliner chair in the lounge room. That is where the Sofihub should be – near enough to be able to hear it and press the white ‘I am OK’ button on top.

The real power lies in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) portal that you, or a carer can customise to the resident.

  • Greetings
  • Calendar event reminders like birthdays
  • Medication time reminders
  • Hydration or eating reminders
  • Doctors or other appointment reminders
  • Text to voice messages (pre-recorded)
  • Plus much more

The portal also develops a timeline of activities that can help to define the messages. The carer/s access the portal via a browser and the Sofihub website – it is not limited to access from an app.

If there is an unanswered alert

Being 4G (not internet-based), it can call a carer/s and play a pre-recorded message.


NDIS Funded or Have a Home Care Package?

Great news, if you are NDIS funded, have a Home Care Package or, are part of the Commonwealth Home Support Program then SOFIHUB can help today.

As an accredited supplier, we handle everything from start to finish, always making sure you we get you your new SOFIHUB to you swiftly.

Check out Sofihub-Home here at DPS Shop or download a brochure here.

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