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DPS is Australia’s leading independent multiplatform media company providing vital resources for senior Australians and people living with a disability.

Our innovative approach is changing the way Australians make decisions about the care they would like to receive, by delivering the power of informed choice.

We provide the gateway to connect senior Australians with aged care providers through our industry-leading suite of resources including AgedCareGuide.com.au, TalkingAgedCare.com.au, the DPS Guide to Aged Care and Your Retirement Living magazine.

We help you compare, choose and connect with your preferred care choice and are relied upon daily by consumers, their family and carers, allied health professionals, placement providers, financial advisors, aged care facilities and a host of government agencies.


Our Guides and Resources

Aged Care Guide

The original and most trusted aged care website in Australia, helping you consider your options for home and community care, retirement living and residential aged care.

Aged Care Guide is your one-stop-shop for making the best care decisions. You’ll find extensive information to assist with your aged care journey, as well as detailed listings for facilities, services and aged care providers to help you make informed choices.

All listings on Aged Care Guide give you the opportunity to read and leave reviews, allowing you to gain an in-depth understanding of the services you’re considering and opening additional dialogue between consumers and providers.

You can also compare providers with the click of a button, by completing a quick contact form and submitting it to multiple facilities or services. We make your search even easier by giving you suggestions of similar listings to add to your contact form.

To find what you’re looking for click the quick links below:

Nursing homes

Retirement villages

Home care package providers

Home care services

General information

DPS Guide to Aged Care

The DPS Guide to Aged Care is designed to assist you with finding information on every aspect of aged care. We explain:

  • Support at home – home care packages, CHSP

  • Respite care – in home, community care or nursing home respite

  • Retirement living – ownership, fees, lifestyle options

  • Nursing homes – costs, payment options, extra services

  • Cultural services – breaking language barriers

  • Advocacy – understanding your rights and responsibilities

  • People who can help – useful phone numbers, financial planners

  • And much more

Published annually for each state and territory, the publication lists all Government funded aged care homes and approved home care package providers. The comprehensive directory shows contact details and services included for each facility or care option.

Order a copy of your local DPS Guide to Aged Care from the DPS Shop

Your Retirement Living magazine

The only publication of it’s type for retirees contemplating moving on from the family home to something more suitable to their current lifestyle. We explain:

  • What retirement villages are

  • Financial planning

  • Legal structures

  • Dispute and legal mediation

  • Selling and relocation

  • Life in a village

  • Retiree real-life stories

  • Moving to supported care

  • Estates and wills

Published annually, the state-divided Guide also lists more than 1,000 villages across Australia, corresponding to tourist regions and council areas. Icons indicate services and facilities available at each village.

Order a copy of Your Retirement Living magazine from the DPS Shop.

Disability Support

In 2018 we launched Australia’s first multiplatform disability information resource, empowering people living with a disability and their families and carers to make informed support decisions.

DisabilitySupportGuide.com.au provides you with comprehensive information on different services available, understanding the NDIS, how funding works and what costs are involved. Connect with service providers to best suit your needs.

The DPS Guide to Disability Support presents clear and comprehensive information about disability support options, what to consider and how to get the best assistance for your circumstances.

Our resources list all NDIS registered providers and the services they provide, from accommodation and different therapy options to transport and support at home.

How does AgedCareGuide.com.au make its money?

Like lots of websites, AgedCareGuide.com.au's basic service is free: that is all aged care service providers information is listed and available to be searched at no cost to the provider. Some providers choose to boost their presence within our search results via the following options:

  • A full profile provides additional functionality including additional images, overview text and website links.
  • A featured listing (identified by the word "featured" above the organisation name) appears before the alphabetical listings and also offers a larger image, an immediate slideshow and an enlarged golden map pin.
  • A vacancy listing appears at the top of the search results within the designated geographical location and also offers a larger image, an immediate slideshow and an enlarged golden map pin.
  • A daily feature provides a large image of the facility or service and a link to that listing within the relevant State or Territory on the Nursing Home and Retirement Village landing pages.

 DPS Publishing is an independent private company and does not receive government funding.

If you have any question on this please contact us.

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